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"Freeing and amazing are the words that come to mind when I describe my first personal experience of hypnotherapy with Valeria. I was freed from the pain I carried for 20 years after being struck by a vehicle in my late teens. I walked with a limp, because its what you do after surgeries. With the help of this practice and the compassion to see others break emotional chains, I highly recommend you live your best life by releasing anything holding you back! Grateful for Valerian Healing Arts and the new walk of life I can live."

—  Kristen G.

“For me, Valeria is a source of inspiration & strength.

Trustworthy, love & pure light.

I will be forever grateful.”

—  Barbara A.

"I would like to provide feedback of my life coaching session with Valeria Neiman. My husband and I went to her seeking help with forgiveness. We had been having a difficult time letting go of some hurt feelings and we wanted reconciliation. She was very easy to talk to and I felt so comfortable communicating my deepest feelings with her. Something about her energy and way of presenting us with information allowed us to get to the root of our problem. We had never understood each other's forgiveness languages! It was such an amazing tool! We have had such a wonderful time exploring and discussing these ways of deepening our understanding of ourselves and each other. I can't wait to get back to another session with this bright, sweet, compassionate woman."

—  Jessica C.

“Valeria is truly gifted! After her sessions I feel empowered to take on my challenges! She hears and understands, encourages and equips. She is well versed in technique and knowledgeable of her practice. I am blessed to call her more than a friend, a coach and mentor. Thank you Valeria.”

—  Heather M.

"I have known Valeria for many years, we are good friends from school (from Argentina). When I learned about her Coaching studies I told her that it was a great decision as I think she has a "gift" with listening to people, not judging, and helping out in a kind wayI reached out to her this year when I got a bit depressed with my personal life and needed more accurate help, besides a "friend's ear", I knew and trusted that she would be able to give me pointers in order to direct correctly my worries and move towards a clearer path. Not only did she do that, but exceeded my expectations, through coaching therapy (via Skype and calls). She made me deep thinking questions (which personally I enjoy, since I like a good "kick in the brain" every now and then) which led me to start resolving certain mental grudges and move forwards."

—  Melissa P.

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